A Stoddart in South America

Day 1: Antigua, Guatemala

After a loooong journey yesterday, I finally arrived in Antigua late lastnight. My home for the next month and something tells me I am going to like it here! The city reminds me a lot of Trinidad in Cuba. Small cobbled streets, lined with colourful houses on each side and a few cute squares scattered around the city. Navigating the city should be easy due to the massive volcano to the south of Antigua. And I mean massive!

My host family seem very friendly. And very patient with my broken Spanish! Janet (my host mum) works at the Spanish school where I will start my lessons tomorrow! What a small world! We also have a pet. A baby turtle. He/she has no name, as well, they don't know whether it is a he or a she. I think I'm going to call it Shelly!

I'm writing this from Cafe Condesa, in their courtyard out back with a cortado and my Spanish for Dummies book. This is going to be my place in Guatemala. Where I can study with a good cup of coffee. It's situated on the central square, a great place to people watch under the shade of the many trees and cool breeze. 

As I said, I have the feeling I am going to like it here!

p.s. Photos have been added to the photo page!



Nick K

Call the turtle Earthquake! We had a tortoise with a similar name till it ran away... Climb the volcano too if you can.


Hey Claire i am sure you are going to like it. Antigua is fascinating. Outside is the real Guate. Both very special. Que te vaya bien. X

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