A Stoddart in South America

Day 2: The Spanish lessons begin!

Today was my first Spanish lesson. Four hours long. I'm exhausted! Having a private lesson will be good for me in the long run, but it's very intensive! No hiding behind more vocal students anymore! 

The Spanish school is a short walk from Central Park and the lessons are given outside in the garden (see photo).

My teacher is called Rita. A very sweet (and patient) lady. She has three children, the oldest of which has just started university to be a lawyer!

After my lesson I retreated to my "study spot" for a celebratory (it's an achievement to get through a four hours of lesson without my head exploding!) cortado and a slice of one of their impressive looking cakes. 

This afternoons adventure was a trip to the supermarket and then the daily outdoor market. To practice what I had learnt this morning! Not sure how useful things like vivo en La Haya or hoy es dos de mayo were ever going to be there though! Anyway the supermarket was huge and unorganised chaos (think Aldi but a thousand times more messy) with things stacked up about 10m high! The market was packed with people and I think I saw about 1% of it before deciding to head home. To do my homework. Like a good student. Tomorrow is lesson number 2. This time with an 8am start. Good job Cafe Condesa has an Express or takeaway section!



Annie T

Good luck with the lessons Claire - great way to learn a language with such intensity exposure. ????

Annie T

Funny how I've made smiley face and became question marks instead. Hihihi

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