A Stoddart in South America

A bit of Antiguan history...

Antigua is home to a number of ruins, dotted around the city. Most of which were churches, with others being schools, convents or even the cathedral. The ruins are mostly the result of an earthquake in 1773, that had an estimated magnitude of 7.5. It basically destroyed the whole city, which at that time was the capital of Guatemala. For around 20 years after the earthquake, Antigua was all but abandoned. This was not the first devastating earthquake in Antigua so in 1776 the capital moved to the present day Guatemala City. Eventually Antigua was rebuilt, but the numerous ruins were left as a reminder or what happened. The city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, it's possible to go into most of the ruins and walk around. I did such this afternoon, in the San Jeronimo ruins, which used to be a school. It was beautiful and so peaceful. It was around lunch time and a lot of locals were laid in the gardens eating their lunch in the sun. The gardens are full of beautiful, colourful flowers and volcano Agua forms the backdrop. I spent about an hour or so wandering around and taking photos... The results of which can be found on the photo page. 


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