A Stoddart in South America


I did not know. But Bolivia has, not one, but two capital cities. La Paz and Sucre. Sucre is the official capital, while La Paz is where the government resides. Sucre is a much smaller, older, prettier city in my opinion. I had one day to spend here before heading on to Potosi. Highlights within the city were the local market, where literally everything was for sale! I wandered through the butcher stalls, where the steaks looked amazing and were soooo tempting, the chicken stalls less so. I think it was the chicken feet. Complete with nails that put me off. I headed to the fresh juice section.

About a dozen stalls covered in fruit, behind them stood women of varying degrees of moodiness. Bolivians are not the friendliest of people. I found this out while trying to purchase bread do my breakfast. Anyway, I picked a women, who at first glance didn't look very happy. But it turned out she was very friendly. I asked for a melon juice. I love melon. And I hate that back home it only has flavour for about two months. During summer. Here, in winter, it still tasted of melon. It was refreshing and cold. And I could have drank 5 more of them. Once finished I handed my glass back to the lady, but she insisted I had another glass as there was still juice left in the blender that hadn't fit into my glass first time around. I didn't take much persuading... But now I was in a conundrum. I had a second glass of juice. But it was offered to me. I didn't ask for it. Do I pay the 5 Bolivianos again? Or was it free? I had no clue. I decided to go down the tipping route and as I handed my glass back, I gave the lady a couple of Bolivianos. Her reaction was to shake her head. It wasn't necessary to pay extra (conundrum solved!), but my insistence was worth it. She broke into a very sweet, old lady smile and eventually accepted. Maybe the trick to finding friendly Bolivians is just patience and persistence...


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