A Stoddart in South America

La Paz from above

After spending yesterday wandering the streets of La Paz I wanted to get a different perspective. In 2014 a cable car network opened. It currently consists of 3 lines, although another 7 are in the planning.

I took the red line up to El Alto, a suburb of La Paz and the view was spectacular!

The city stretches as far as the eye can see, down one side of the valley and back up the other. The horizon is dotted with soaring snow-capped mountains.

El Alto is at 4,095m above sea level. I know this thanks to the incredibly helpful signs!

In the way back down I stopped at the middle station. The city cemetery. It was recommended to me by an ex-colleague who is currently living in La Paz. And a good recommendation it was. The cemetery was nothing like those in England of the Netherlands. The people are not buried underground, instead they are above ground, in walls.

The walls kind of reminded me of apartment buildings. The graves a decorated with photos of the deceased, flowers some had nodding flowers and others had others items such as miniature coke bottles of cuddly toys. While I was walking through I saw one family who were visiting because it would have been the deceased's birthday. They had a guitar and were singing "feliz cumpleaños" or happy birthday.

Some of the walls were like houses. I guess these are for the richer families. The even richer families were buried in statues.   One thing that I noticed was that despite being in the middle of a giant city, and underneath a cable car route, the cemetery was an incredibly peaceful place...


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